A Winning Pandemic Mandate: Women Don’t Man-Date

GOP men are least likely to get the Covid virus vaccination, but women can help with a bit of abstinence

Richard Medugno
2 min readApr 18, 2021


Ron “The Ron” Fugelseth drove two hours to get vaccinated. He’s a real man. Photo by Ron Fugelseth

Serious medical virology experts say the pandemic won’t end until we achieve herd immunity — and we’re far from it right now. And it’s looking like we may never get there if things don’t change with a very specific group of Americans.

“In a recent NPR/PBS/Marist survey, fully 49% of Republican men said they do not plan to get vaccinated — a higher share of refusers than any other demographic group. Among Democratic men, the number saying no was only 6%.” — Los Angeles Times, March 21, 2021

Desperate times call for desperate measures

Timing is everything when it comes to viruses that can mutate into more infectious and deadly variants. The current vaccinations are safe for most everyone. So what desperate measure do we need to resort to now?

Some are proposing mandates that require certain workers and students to be inoculated before they can participate in work and school activities. Sure, why not? There’s natural leverage there. Want to earn a paycheck? Get your shots. Want to graduate? Get your shots.

Now, what about these self-centered dumbass GOP dudes that won’t do their civic duty and think they’re smarter than scientists or believe they are stronger than a little bug?

No Trojans required

I suggest we go back to the Greeks and the birthplace of drama. “Whaaa?!” you say. Allow me to enlighten you with one of the few things I learned in Drama School that might be applicable to real-world issues.

We need to employ a little strategy used by the female characters in Aristophanes’s “Lysistrata.” If you’re not familiar with ancient Athenian comedy classic — were you hiding under a rock in 411 B.C.?! — then I’ll provide you with a short synopsis:

Some fed-up Greek gals were sick of all the warring going on between city-states Athens and Sparta. So they stopped having sex with their men to force them to stop fighting. This clever stratagem led to what is often called by anitquity scholars as the Blue Balls Accord or the No-Nookie Peace Pact that ended the Peloponnesian War.

Let’s implore that women who love GOP men to 1) reconsider their choice in a mate, and 2) stop romancing with them until the guys get vaccinated. It’s a classic DON’T take-one-for-the-team request. Thank you in advance.



Richard Medugno

Richard is an author and scriptwriter. His latest book is Deaf Politician — The Gary Malkowski Story. His latest script is The Mulligan Marriage.