UPDATE: At last 50-something Deaf actor/director lands a lead role in mainstream Hollywood film and earns high praise including a Golden Globe Best Supporting Actor nomination

Deaf Actor Troy Kotsur

I have been following Troy Kotsur's acting career for close to 20 years — since I first interviewed him for a newspaper article when he was directing high schoolers at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont in a play titled “The Three Musketeers, All Swash, No Buckle.”


Five people stand behind a table of wine bottles and candles talking to each other.
Photo by Antenna on Unsplash

Some worry about the virus or drinking too much, I worry about talking too much

As the pandemic restrictions end in the US and many businesses invite/request/demand employees back into office buildings and workplaces, there’s a lot of issues to consider — including how one appropriately and safely greets their coworkers now.

Personally, I worried about meeting my new coworkers in person for the first…

Photo by Richard Medugno

Less than 48 hours ago an innocent young man was killed by a-hole with a ghost gun and on the street there’s barely any recognition of the life lost and the four injured

Thursday night at 10:30 pm a couple of blocks from where I live in downtown San Diego, an idiot with a ghost gun randomly shot and killed 28-year-old Justice Boldin, who was working as a parking valet in front of a luxury hotel. …


GOP men are least likely to get the Covid virus vaccination, but women can help with a bit of abstinence

Ron “The Ron” Fugelseth drove two hours to get vaccinated. He’s a real man. Photo by Ron Fugelseth

Serious medical virology experts say the pandemic won’t end until we achieve herd immunity — and we’re far from it right now. And it’s looking like we may never get there if things don’t change with a very specific group of Americans.

“In a recent NPR/PBS/Marist survey, fully 49% of…

Inconsistent Comeuppance

If only it were dependable in delivering retribution in this lifetime

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

In my last blog titled “My Forced Sabbatical/Job Search Has a Happy Ending,” I informed my small community of readers that I’d made productive use of nine months of unemployment by reframing it as free time to work on personal projects.

After sharing the blog with former work colleagues, many…

Richard Medugno

Richard is an author and scriptwriter. His latest book is Deaf Politician — The Gary Malkowski Story. His latest script is The Mulligan Marriage.

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